In the Ateliergebouw, or Studio Building, in Amsterdam, you will find the Rijksmuseum conservation studios and lab spaces under one roof with the conservation training programme from the University of Amsterdam, and the Scientific Department from the  Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and with just across the road the Villa, the residency of the Rijksmuseum curators. This makes for an interdisciplinary and inspiring environment. The Rijksmuseum studios are  buzzing with research activities, exciting conservation projects, and much more. The Ateliergebouw also houses the Netherlands Institute for Art, Conservation and Science (NICAS), a new collaborative. interdisciplinary research institute, see: http://www.nicas-research.nl/

As the Rijksmuseum’s  technical art historian, I work with curators, conservators and scientists, PhD students, Postdocs and interns, on examining objects from the Rijksmuseum’s superb and diverse collection.This blog, written by me and many colleagues, will give you a glimpse  of what is going on…..


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  1. jgharlond says:

    This is an excellent blog for me to dip into as I’m writing about C17 European history (especially that of the Netherlands, Spain & England), and my wicked Genoese merchant, Ludo da Portovenere, is fascinated to know he can pass off glass ‘rubies’ as the real thing. Many thanks.


  2. willshank2016 says:

    Terrific blog, Erma; I’m glad I found you!


  3. Odette says:

    The combination of different discipline will enrich the complete range of old fashion ‘history of art’;

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  4. Happy that I found your blog. Interesting reads.

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  5. Robert says:

    Heel mooi..

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